A Rich journey

NRCA President Rich Nugent sets his sails for a successful year

There are many ways to define success, and the definitions vary as much as the people defining it. Business owners may define success in terms of profitability or industry connections. Others define success as doing what you love or raising children. In Ralph Waldo Emerson's poem "The Meaning of Success," he says success is "to laugh often and much and earn the respect of intelligent people. …" For NRCA President Rich Nugent, both apply.

"He absolutely is successful in whatever he sets out to do," says Heather Varco, Nugent's daughter. "He's led me through my whole life and taught me how to be responsible, have a good work ethic and how to be a great parent to my kids."

This month, Nugent begins his one-year term as NRCA president. As he embarks on his journey to lead the organization through a prosperous 2014-15 year, he says his 40 years of business experience are his main asset.

"I treasure all the industry relationships and friends I've made during the years; they are incredibly valuable," Nugent says. "But my experience in business really is what I bring to a position like this. Having managed 2,700 people at General Roofing and 900 at Nations Roof has prepared me well for the job."