A certified workforce

NRCA ProCertification™ is poised to begin accepting applications from installers and foremen

In September, NRCA launched the beginning efforts of NRCA ProCertification,™ the first industry-wide effort to certify roofing workers and foremen. But before we can begin to certify workers, we must identify a group of people who can properly assess those workers: Qualified Assessors.

Qualified Assessors will be charged with evaluating how a roofing worker completes specific tasks that demonstrate the worker's skill and competency in the discipline in which the worker is seeking a certification (for example, asphalt shingles, thermoplastic systems).

Qualified Assessors will have to meet eligibility requirements, complete online training and take a proctored exam before earning the designation. Writing and preparing exams for Qualified Assessors is tough work. NRCA's certification team (staff and volunteer leaders) determined Qualified Assessors must be able to identify when a worker makes a mistake, and NRCA must imbed in the exams mistakes a Qualified Assessor candidate must find.

Think about that for a minute. This is something that has never been done! Not only did the team need examples of correctly installed roofing materials but they also needed examples of workers incorrectly installing roofing materials. And then on top of that, all exams and supporting documents needed to be translated into Spanish.