A culture of safety

Safety professionals discuss effective ways to keep roofing workers safe

Roofing work is not for the faint of heart: From falls and burns to heat exposure and handling hazardous materials, roofing work can be perilous. Because of the numerous hazards faced by those employed in the roofing industry, roofing workers must receive intensive safety training conducted by professionals dedicated to worker safety.

When talking with roofing safety professionals from various U.S. regions, it becomes clear that regardless of a roofing contracting company's size, location or specialization, similar challenges are faced when establishing and maintaining roofing worker safety programs. By facing these challenges to create effective safety training programs, roofing contracting companies can help ensure the safety of every worker.

Program development

Creating a safe environment for roofing workers is not a new concept. For D.C. Taylor Co., Cedar Rapids, Iowa, which employs about 300 employees, safety program development began decades ago.