A different take on shingles

An insurance industry professional shares his views about asphalt shingles

One requirement of accepting the designation roofing professional is that you continually must educate yourself. Your clients trust you to have expertise and depend on you for it. And homeowners and building owners consider your product knowledge when they compare your services with competitors.

Therefore, it is your responsibility as a professional roofing contractor to be aware of what is available in the marketplace and the potential performances of future products. For example, a new generation of asphalt shingles is developing. These shingles are built to be more durable, which means they are more loss-resistant, and the insurance industry supports their use for various reasons. Arming yourself with knowledge about these shingles can benefit you and your clients.

Improving shingles

As a nation, the United States averages 3,000 hailstorms per year that threaten all but a handful of states.