A family-focused leader

Rob Therrien assumes his role as NRCA president

Upon entering the small building that houses The Melanson Co. Inc. in downtown Keene, N.H., several things become apparent: First, the "small" building is not small at all—it extends farther than the building's façade suggests and includes, in addition to offices and meeting rooms, an entire precision metal fabrication plant. And the next thing that becomes obvious is that the company that functions within this building is no ordinary company—it is one with an extensive past and rich present.

The Melanson Co. was founded in 1932 and has since become a flourishing business with a strong local reputation. And Rob Therrien, The Melanson Co.'s president, has helped establish and works to maintain the success of the company, which was acquired as Al Melanson Co. in the early 1950s by Therrien's father, Robert W. Therrien Sr., and uncle, Maurice.

"I became involved in roofing as a child growing up in the family business," Therrien says. "Quite frankly, it was a function of your father's a roofer, therefore you get to dabble in roofing, and I never left."

The Melanson Co. has been an NRCA member since 1963, and Therrien's father served on NRCA's board of directors and various NRCA committees. He also was president of the North/East Roofing Contractors Association (NERCA) and earned its highest honor, the Clarence Carr Award. He encouraged his son to become involved with associations, as well.