A hybrid solution

Advanced Roofing reroofs the DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

In 1895, Revra DePuy founded DePuy Manufacturing to deliver the first fiber splint to replace wooden barrel staves used to set bone fractures. The company was the world's first commercial manufacturer of orthopedic products. Each of the companies that currently comprise DePuy Synthes Cos. has a celebrated history, and each has evolved to meet the needs of a changing orthopedic and neurological marketplace.

In 2011, Johnson & Johnson merged with DePuy Synthes Cos. to create the first comprehensive portfolio of orthopedic and neurological products for joint reconstruction, trauma, spine, sports medicine, neurology, cranio-maxillofacial, power tools and biomaterials. These solutions enhance the quality of life for patients and aid doctors by allowing surgeons to perform complicated procedures with a high level of precision.

Built in the 1960s, the DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla., was designed using a built-up coal-tar pitch roof system secured to a Tectum deck. In 1998, the original roof system was re-covered with coal-tar pitch and gravel. Not long after the roof re-cover, the building began to experience leaks at the roof system's perimeter. After more than a decade of constant roof leaks, the facility's management team decided it was time to replace the roof system.

Advanced Roofing Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla., was invited by the roof consultant, BRI Consulting Corp., Palm Beach, Fla., to bid for the project and subsequently was selected to perform the tear-off and replacement of the building's 35,000-square-foot roof system.

Safety first

In May 2013, Advanced Roofing began its work on the DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility. Advanced Roofing coordinated in advance with facility operations to erect Occupational Safety and Health Administration-compliant scaffolding and ramps to accommodate supplies and debris removal.

A critical project requirement necessitated roofing work be performed without affecting daily operations inside the building where the roofing work would be performed directly above areas where employees worked. Accordingly, before beginning work each day, Advanced Roofing communicated with facility management and the roof consultant to determine the best work location for mitigating disruptions inside the facility.

A majority of the roofing work occurred during the hottest months in south Florida when heat and precipitation levels are extremely high. Because the new roof system was a built-up coal-tar pitch solution, Advanced Roofing crews were required to wear full head-to-toe protective gear while installing the new roof system.

The extreme heat made for less-than-optimal working conditions that had to be managed properly to ensure a quality roof system installation. To maintain and control job-site safety, Advanced Roofing's safety division and project managers held daily safety meetings with crews and scheduled frequent breaks for cool downs and to check employees' body temperatures.

Additionally, the reroofing work occurred during hurricane season where storms are frequent and can develop swiftly. To mitigate weather-related safety issues, Advanced Roofing's foreman, Jose Jimenez, used advanced weather tracking technology to revise production schedules constantly around storms to ensure workers were not exposed to harmful weather conditions. Using radar and satellite technology, Jimenez was able to adjust crew schedules and deliveries to maximize production and minimize downtime.

Advanced Roofing's HVAC, crane, metal fabrication and lightning protection divisions also were used to streamline production and minimize the need for subcontractors. This process was complemented by using Spitfire Project Management System software to manage production schedules, material inventories and finances.

Things heat up

It was imperative the DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility's new roof system receive FM Global approval and the manufacturer's warranty. Advanced Roofing worked on a unique solution that included removing the previous roof system and securing to the existing Tectum deck a new 22-gauge steel deck that attached to the top chord and steel bar joists. Additionally, Advanced Roofing removed the perimeter raised edge and installed a new FM Global pre-approved Hickman® Engineered edge metal system.

After tear-off and the new steel deck installation, Advanced Roofing installed a hybrid Viridian Systems roof system consisting of the following: 1 1/2-inch-thick polyisocyanurate insulation set in asphalt; 1/2-inch-thick SECUROCK® fastened with TRUFAST® No. 14 HD Roofing Fasteners and 3-inch metal plates; one-ply fiberglass base hot-mopped with asphalt; two-ply Viridian HK Glass with asphalt; and one-ply Viridian Pika Ply Hi-tec 80 polymer-modified bitumen with asphalt and flood-coated with Viridian BUR Plus 505 coal-tar pitch and embedded gravel. Instead of using traditional white gravel, the company chose a sandstone gravel color to reduce the amount of roof system discoloration and maintenance.

To achieve FM Global approval, five negative-pressure uplift tests were performed in the field, perimeter and corners. After satisfactory completion of the wind-uplift tests, Advanced Roofing achieved FM Global approval and a 20-year manufacturer's warranty.

Manufacturing success

In November 2013, Advanced Roofing completed its work on the DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility. During the course of six months, Advanced Roofing completed the tear-off and reroofing processes on time, within budget, and without incurring any safety issues or disruptions to the facility's daily operations.

"Completing the tear-off and reroof on a fully operational facility that produces medical tools used in hospital operating rooms was incredibly rewarding for our team because most of the construction was performed over multiple sterile rooms with zero tolerance for water and debris intrusion," says Danny Stokes, vice president of Advanced Roofing. "The owners' representative, facility manager and roof consultant all were extremely happy the project was completed with flawless execution. In fact, they were so pleased, they have asked Advanced Roofing to perform two more reroofing projects at the facility later this year."

For demonstrating superior workmanship on the DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility, Advanced Roofing received a 2015 Gold Circle Awards honorable mention in the Outstanding Workmanship: Low-slope category.

Chrystine Elle Hanus is Professional Roofing's associate editor and NRCA's director of communications.

Project name: DePuy Synthes manufacturing facility
Project location: Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.
Project duration: May 2013-November 2013
Roof system type: Built-up roofing with a coal-tar pitch flood coat
Roofing contractor: Advanced Roofing Inc., Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
Roofing manufacturers: Hickman® Engineered Systems, Asheville, N.C.; Viridian Systems Inc., Tallmadge, Ohio
Gold Circle Awards: Outstanding Workmanship: Low-slope


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