A man of experience

Richard Heilinger is an example for the industry

"He is the best roofing guy I have ever met."

This is how Fred Kohler, service manager for GSM Roofing Inc., Ephrata, Pa., describes Richard Heilinger, GSM Roofing's service specialist. Kohler, Heilinger's supervisor, says Heilinger's roofing knowledge is unmatched.

"He has an intuitive understanding of roof systems," Kohler says. "It doesn't matter what the roof system is—he understands them all. And his memory is ridiculous, even regarding roof systems our company hasn't installed. My wife and I own a building in Lancaster, Pa., and without even seeing it, he told me every detail about it. He knows more about my building than I do.

"It's mind-boggling sometimes," he continues. "His wealth of knowledge is over-the-top. He can tell you the history of every building and roof system. It doesn't seem possible that somebody knows so many facts—correct facts—about roofs."