A modern masterpiece

The oldest art museum in Texas moves into a new building

"Of, relating to, or typical of the present or recent times," is how Webster's II New College Dictionary defines modern. The Texas-based Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth, which displays 2,400 significant works of modern and contemporary international art, redefined modern when it moved into a new, breathtaking building, which opened to the public Dec. 14, 2002.

The Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth's new building features a cantilevered, cast-concrete roof system. Jeff Eubank Roofing Co. Inc., Fort Worth, was invited to bid by the general contractor and asked to provide bid plans according to the specifications. The roofing company won the bid and installed a Denver-based Johns Manville Roofing Systems modified bitumen roof system that features lightweight insulating concrete.

Tradespeople constructing the museum soon realized the pieces of art being displayed were not the only masterpieces involved in the project—the building also can be considered a masterpiece in its own right. When installing the roof systems, Jeff Eubank Roofing employees learned aesthetics is everything.

Mark Gann, Jeff Eubank Roofing's estimator and project manager, explains: "We were threatened within an inch of our lives not to get any asphalt on the concrete building. The entire building is a work of art, and asphalt drippings were not part of the plans. The general contractor's staff wore shirts with the logo ‘The Art of Concrete' embroidered on them."