A new beginning

Brazos Urethane Inc. replaces the roof on the Louisiana Superdome after Hurricane Katrina

The Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans has been an important part of sports history. Besides hosting the New Orleans Bowl, it has hosted nine Super Bowls—currently more than any other sports facility.

However, during August 2005, the Superdome became a part of a different type of history when Hurricane Katrina ravaged New Orleans, severely damaging the stadium, which also became a temporary shelter for tens of thousands of hurricane evacuees.

The hurricane ripped two holes in the Superdome's roof—each about 4 feet wide and 100 feet long—and peeled about 80 percent of the EPDM membrane off the roof.

Repairing roof damage for a New Orleans institution required hard work and patience. Brazos Urethane Inc., Texas City, Texas, was willing to take on the task.