A recipe for success

A mix of Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress members improves the industry

Mix 95 leading roofing contractors, 19 manufacturers, and seven distributors and suppliers of roofing materials, and sprinkle generously with $10 million. What do you get? The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress—a powerhouse of roofing professionals dedicated to bettering the roofing industry and addressing critical industry issues.

Although the alliance is relatively new, Alliance Chairman Johnny Zamrzla, president of Western Pacific Roofing Corp., Palmdale, Calif., says the alliance is poised to embark on noteworthy studies that will benefit the roofing industry and excited to see its previous endeavors pay off.

He explains: "The alliance investment portfolio is coming back with the turnaround of the stock market and general economic improvements. Its recent expenditure to study nonresidential roof system longevity for possible revision of the Internal Revenue Service depreciation rule is complete, and the bill is moving through Congress. And the alliance has begun its study about the future of the roofing industry. Keep your eyes on the alliance as it continues to move forward."