A roof rating system

RoofPoint™ is set to debut in less than one year

Developed by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing, RoofPoint is a roofing-specific version of green building rating systems that have emerged to promote an environmentally responsible built environment. Similar to how whole-building rating systems promote professionalism, RoofPoint embraces a mission to elevate the professional practice of everyone involved in the roofing process to a higher level of accomplishment and recognition; it involves four components.

RoofPoint's structure

RoofPoint is a guideline for the selection of environmentally innovative roof systems and roof systems that maximize energy efficiency and longevity while minimizing negative environmental effects. In addition, RoofPoint serves as a checklist to identify the many ways roof systems provide economic and environmental benefits. RoofPoint also serves as an assessment system to compare different roofing alternatives for a particular environmental application. Finally, RoofPoint provides a platform for a comprehensive certification program to recognize and reward environmentally responsible roofing practices.

Why is it needed?