A technically unique project

Chadwick Technology installs a composite roof system on Dubai International Airport's expansion

Dubai International Airport, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, is quickly becoming an international hub for Emirates Airlines. The airline is expanding its routes and increasing passenger capacity and has decided to increase its building capacity, as well.

When Dubai International Airport decided to expand one of its buildings to accommodate up to 30 wide-bodied aircrafts, including the new Double-Decker Airbus A380a, airport representatives chose Al Abbar Aluminum, Dubai, as the contractor for the building's external envelope. Al Abbar Aluminum, in turn, approached Chadwick Technology (M.E.) Branch, Dubai, a branch of Chadwick Technology Pty. Ltd., Killarney Heights, Australia, and asked it to install the expanded building's roof system. Chadwick Technology had assisted Al Abbar Aluminum in putting together its proposal.

"Chadwick Technology has developed a reputation for being involved in airport construction throughout Southeast Asia," says Bill Mansell, Chadwick Technology's managing director.

Al Abbar Aluminum's proposal was successful, and Chadwick Technology was awarded the contract for installation of the expanded building's roof system in September 2004.