A unifying force

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress continues to support the industry

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress is probably the most important industry organization you know the least about. Because the Alliance is fairly new and has not spent much on self-promotion, its activities often have gone unnoticed. But since its inception in 1996, the Alliance has funded studies on worker satisfaction and roof system longevity, funded NRCA's Roof Application Training Programs, and, more recently, dedicated resources toward environmental research and education. And it's doing all of this solely for the betterment of the roofing industry.

The Alliance is composed of a group of dedicated roofing contractors, material manufacturers and distributors who have contributed to the Alliance's endowment fund. And because the Alliance is open to all roofing professionals, it has become more than a way to create roofing-related programs—it has become a way to unite the industry.

"The Alliance is unique in that it stitches together the components of the roofing community," says Gary Wolfe, the Alliance's president and president of Wolfe Roofing & Sheet Metal Inc., Reading, Pa. "It's a way to bring roofing contractors, manufacturers and suppliers together to work for a common cause."

Banding together