Adapt or perish

Roof coating formulators must consistently adapt to meet ever-changing regulations

Nature has an amazing way of adapting to change. Consider cattle or deer with multichambered stomachs to assist with breaking down tough plant matter, or the ability of bears and other animals to hibernate up to 100 days without eating or drinking to survive the food-lean winter months. These animals had to adapt to their environments or perish.

Similarly, roof coatings formulators live in a seemingly ever-changing regulatory landscape that tests the abilities of manufacturers to recreate and often reinvent products to meet regulations, forcing them to adapt to change, slowly move to other offerings or go out of business.

Coating manufacturers that have been successful with creating products that meet volatile organic compound (VOC) limits and other regulatory requirements while maintaining the properties that make their products useful realize environmental pressures will persist, and they will again be expected to reduce base VOC levels in their products. It is not a question of if but when.

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