After the storm

Homeowners and roofing contractors face a number of insurance-related issues after a major storm

After a major weather event, NRCA's Technical Services Section generally will experience a rise in telephone calls, especially from homeowners. Although most calls focus on questions about roof systems, there are numerous insurance-related questions and concerns. As a roofing contractor, you also probably receive questions from homeowners unsure how to proceed with roof system repairs or replacements following a storm, and it is important you stay informed of insurance-related issues so you can better help your customers.

Following are some common questions and issues that can arise when homeowners and roofing contractors work with insurance companies following a major storm. It is important to note some of the information provided in this article is based on my research of several major insurance companies that offer homeowners' insurance policies. The information does not necessarily represent or reflect NRCA's positions unless specifically stated.

A homeowner's roof system was damaged by a storm. How can he or she tell when to call the insurance company?

It is in a homeowner's best interest to contact his or her insurance company as soon as possible. A claims adjuster will inspect the condition of the roof system at no cost to the homeowner.