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NRCA updates its PV systems manual

In July, NRCA published NRCA Guidelines for Rooftop-mounted Photovoltaic Systems—Second Edition, which provides up-to-date NRCA best practices and technical information concerning the design, materials and installation of rooftop-mounted photovoltaic (PV) systems. This edition replaces the first edition manual published in 2015.

Scope and layout

NRCA Guidelines for Rooftop-mounted Photovoltaic Systems—Second Edition explores the basics of commonly installed rooftop PV systems, including the components that make up typical systems and how the systems are installed on roofs. PV systems associated with low- and steep-slope roof assemblies are described, and NRCA's guidance for best practices is presented. Additionally, rooftop PV system-related provisions in current editions of model codes and standards are identified and contextualized.

The manual contains three chapters and three appendixes. Following is a brief summary of each section.