An idea's journey

A Texas roofing contractor invents and brings to market one-of-a-kind technology

On March 22, following a winter with some of the most significant snowfall in history, Beldon Technologies Inc., San Antonio, launched Roof Monitor,™ a product that offers a technological solution to a serious problem.

According to a survey conducted by Paramount Disaster Recovery, Palos Verdes, Calif., more than 3,000 roof collapses occur in the U.S. every year. These collapses cost businesses and insurance companies millions of dollars in building repairs, damaged inventory and lost business—and they endanger lives.

With no way to know the actual weight of snow on a roof, building owners sometimes undertake unnecessary roof clearings. Such roof clearings can be just as dangerous and costly as collapses even though they may prevent them. Workers clearing roofs face a variety of hazards, including hidden skylights and slippery surfaces. Clearing snow and water can damage a roof membrane, resulting in a patched roof with a shorter life span, and forced shutdowns during clearings can result in lost business.

Although Roof Monitor is an innovative approach for managing safety risks and minimizing business interruption caused by large loads of water or snow on roofs, the real story is how this product was conceived, developed and brought to market by a roofing contractor whose passionate determination was to find a solution to a problem.