An international affair

NRCA spends 26 days conducting training courses in China

In October 2014, NRCA Safety Consultant Bill Steinmetz and I embarked on a 26-day journey through China to deliver a unique train-the-trainer program in partnership with the China National Waterproof Association (CWA). The knowledge exchanged and experiences gained during this journey reveal much about the Chinese culture and roofing industry.

CWA history

In 2014, CWA celebrated its 30th year. According to CWA President Zhu Dongqing, the organization was established in 1984 as the China National Waterproof Building Materials Industries Association. In 2009, it changed its name to China National Waterproof Association. CWA's website states the organization was approved by the China National Building Materials Industry Bureau under China's Civil Administration Ministry and is directed and supervised by the China National Economy and Trade Committee and the Society Registration and Management Institute of the Civil Administration Ministry.

CWA is similar to NRCA in its roofing industry role. It is a viable business league and society of like-minded professionals striving to advance the Chinese roofing industry, albeit housed within and perhaps more accountable to a governmental authority. CWA represents the single-ply, metal, tile and vegetative roof system sectors.