And the award goes to ...

NRCA honors its contractor members for their exceptional work

Let's face facts. You probably never will be dressed in a Gucci tuxedo for a walk down a red carpet to accept an Oscar or be interviewed by the paparazzi. But did you know you have the opportunity to be recognized for your work?

NRCA annually bestows contractor members with its Gold Circle Awards during its convention. Winners of the 2003 Annual Gold Circle Awards include Chadwick Technology Property Ltd., Forestville, New South Wales, Australia; James Myers Co. Inc., Beltsville, Md.; and Roof Technologies Inc., Harvey, La.

Chadwick Technology won a Gold Circle Award for innovative solutions in new construction for the Adelaide Convention Centre extension, North Terrace, Adelaide, South Australia. The low-slope workmanship award was presented to James Myers Co. for the Cathedral of St. Matthew the Apostle, Washington, D.C. And Roof Technologies won an innovative solutions in reroofing award for the Bourbon Orleans Hotel, New Orleans. No steep-slope submissions were received.

Chadwick Technology