Are you a horrible boss?

Check in with yourself to determine whether you have bad boss tendencies

As the roofing industry continues to struggle with a workforce shortage, you likely are doing all you can to retain employees. But one thing may be overlooked … are you a bad boss?

Comparably, an online platform company that provides data about compensation and work culture, recently asked 2,000 employees from small, midsize and large companies the following: What are the worst traits in a boss?

According to survey respondents, the No. 1 worst trait a boss can have is being a micromanager. If you catch yourself hounding employees for updates or constantly checking in on them, you probably are a micromanager.

The second worst trait is being overly critical. Female employees, in particular, find this behavior distasteful. Bosses accused of being overly critical were said to not look happy when conversing with employees, were stingy with positive feedback and frequently raised their voices.