As I was saying …

New beginnings

"The inevitable has always found me ready and hopeful."
—Amelia Barr, novelist

Life is full of twists and turns. We have all had our fair share of bittersweet endings that lead to exciting new beginnings. College graduation means a career can begin. Meeting the right person brings single life to an end with the promise of a new life partnership. Children grow, have children of their own and parenting makes way for grandparenting. It's simply the way of life.

And now the U.S. is experiencing another new beginning of its own. Following eight years of President Obama, the Donald Trump administration begins. We do not yet know what he will do or, perhaps more important, how he will do, but I am confident small businesses will see a more favorable tax and regulatory environment. We also are likely to see mandatory E-Verify and a clumsy policy fight over legal immigration.

NRCA, too, is undergoing a change—one not seen in 28 years. I would like to congratulate and thank outgoing CEO Bill Good as he enters retirement after a long, prolific career in the roofing industry and association management. Bill has provided incredible leadership not just for roofing contractors but also, in many ways, the entire roofing industry. He has managed the affairs of members in a manner consistent with their values. His retirement is well-deserved and, better, well-earned.

And I face the end of my political life—one that offered me experiences I will never forget but one that brought me back to my roots in the roofing industry. As I begin my new role, I look forward to learning from all of you and taking this journey together.

Reid Ribble is NRCA's CEO.


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