As I was saying …

Who are they?

My first month at the helm of NRCA flew by. But I am happily settling into a new routine here while learning the ins and outs of the association from a management perspective.

As a member, I always knew NRCA had a long and storied history. But what many members don't realize is part of NRCA's history is rooted in the men and women who work on your behalf every day. I have spent the past few weeks getting to know them better, and I like what I see. I recently was asked: "What do all those people do?" Well, the answer encompasses many things and varies depending on the time of year and who they are.

Five people work on technical issues facing the industry. They answer inquiries from members, write technical manuals and create CAD documents that help your work go more smoothly. They test and monitor roof components and systems. And, quite frankly, they do more with less than you can imagine.

Our NRCA University team authors curricula, prepares online learning modules, delivers educational programs throughout the world and drives forward programs like the Future Executives Institute. They are busy, energized and engaged in helping advance the professionalism of the roofing industry.