As I was saying …

The (peaceful) transition begins

I first started working for NRCA in 1973 as the sixth member of the staff right after NRCA secured its 1,000th member (for the record, it was MRECO, a manufacturer of asphalt tankers). I never imagined the bulk of my adult life would be spent in the roofing industry, but I've had the honor of serving as the head of the NRCA staff for nearly 28 years, and, well, it's time to move on. I will be retiring at the end of December and welcoming my well-known successor.

The industry has undergone a remarkable transformation during those 28 years (and it's even more remarkable if you go back to 1973). MRECO is long gone, a sure sign of the changing times. The Single Ply Roofing Institute was established in the 1980s to validate the legitimacy of single-ply roof systems. With its mission accomplished, it has changed its name. Today, the industry is addressing issues such as roof reflectivity, rooftop solar installations and stormwater management, all unimaginable back in the day.

During the past 28 years, I've had 28 bosses—every one of them remarkable. The 28th is remarkable in her own way. My, but we've made some progress.

I've been working with NRCA leadership during the past couple of years to manage the transition to a new CEO, and I'm delighted with the selection of Reid Ribble for the position. You most likely know Reid as a former roofing contractor, former NRCA chairman of the board and current member of Congress. Who knew being a congressman is a stepping stone to a job at NRCA?