As I was saying …

Getting involved

NRCA's nominating committee, composed of the five most recent NRCA presidents, met in early January to conduct its annual task of developing a slate of officers and directors who were formally elected during NRCA's 123rd Annual Convention Feb. 20-24 in New Orleans.

Nominations are solicited (and encouraged) from affiliate associations, suppliers and members. Often, directors are chosen after they've had a chance to be involved with association matters, such as serving on a committee or, more recently, participating in NRCA University's Future Executives Institute.

What is remarkable about this process for NRCA is there is no shortage of qualified people who want to serve. Those in the association community frequently talk about the difficulty volunteer organizations have attracting people to serve. And this is arguably the worst roofing market many of us have experienced. So how do we account for this?

First, I think, is the fact NRCA's volunteers are put to work. They are not given token assignments; rather, NRCA board members are asked to serve on committees and task forces where much of the association's work is done.