As I was saying …

Advancing professionalism

A recent issue of Living Architecture Monitor included an article titled "Who Owns the Green Roof?" Not surprisingly, those in the roofing industry claimed ownership, as did those in the landscaping industry. The article struck me as interesting—and academic. Roofs will not be "owned" by those who claim ownership but rather will be managed by those who can demonstrate competence and professionalism to building owners and managers.

Yes, we will have jurisdictional issues regarding vegetative and photovoltaic (PV) roof systems. And yes, the roofing industry needs to be engaged in those issues so we don't get left out by jurisdictional rulings or building code and licensing requirements.

But far more important, I think, will be our efforts to educate and train the industry and its customers about those systems and why roofing contractors must always be involved with their installation.

Two important new initiatives will help that effort. The first, RoofPoint,™ has been developed by the Center for Environmental Innovation in Roofing. RoofPoint provides for an assessment, on a point basis, of roof systems based on their ability to conserve energy and protect the environment. Points are awarded for energy management, materials management, water management, durability and life-cycle management, and innovation.