As I was saying …

NRCA's immigration position

I get asked fairly regularly about NRCA's position on immigration policy, certainly one of the most emotional issues the U.S. is facing these days. It's emotional because it's personal, and it affects our industry and national employment picture.

NRCA's position is based on three key elements.

First, we believe our borders should be secure, as an absolute. No one wants to see people enter the U.S. illegally; it distorts fair market practices and provides rewards for people who break the law.

Second, we believe there should be reasonable access to workers who enter the U.S. legally, provided our industry's jobs cannot be met by U.S. workers. We get accused in the media of wanting to hire "cheap labor," but that misses the point. The point is we need to be able to hire workers who are willing to work for a fair price. Solving a labor problem is the issue, not trying to drive wages down.