As I was saying …

The 2010 elections

When President Obama returned from Copenhagen in 2009 after failing to persuade the International Olympic Committee to award the 2016 Olympics to Chicago, one commentator observed that someone from Chicago ought to have figured out, by now, how to rig an election.

Let's hope no U.S. Congressional elections are rigged this November. But let's also remember what's at stake.

The next U.S. Congress will consider climate change legislation; immigration reform legislation; changes to labor law; granting more power to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Environmental Protection Agency and other regulatory agencies; and the likelihood of a tax increase—just for starters.

There is plenty of room for debate about whether these initiatives are good or bad, but there is little room for debate about whether proponents of these measures will be working hard to get them passed and opponents will be working equally hard to block them.