As I was saying …

About heroes

It's hard to find a Boys & Girls Club—or a YMCA, homeless shelter or community center—whose roof system was installed at full retail price. That's because our industry is replete with small acts of heroism. Contractors, distributors and manu­facturers give back to their communities not for recognition but because they understand it is the right thing to do.

This actually can cause a predicament for NRCA. As part of an ongoing effort to improve the industry's image, NRCA wants to tell the stories of the good deeds its members do, yet many members are not interested in sharing their stories; they don't help in hopes of gaining publicity.

The industry is now presented with an opportunity to help another set of heroes—veterans whose homes need to be repaired. NRCA's national charity partner, Rebuilding Together,® has developed two important new partnership programs to improve the lives of military families.

The first, Heroes at Home,SM is focused on repairing, improving and modifying military veterans' homes. The program is supported through a partnership with Sears Holdings Corp. and has included fundraising at Sears and Kmart stores this summer.