Back to basics

As buildings become more geometrically complex, the purpose of roof systems should not be forgotten

With the availability of new materials and technology, architects and designers are becoming aware of and using complex double-curvature geometry in the buildings they create more than ever. From a roof system designer's and roofing contractor's point of view, constructing a project the size of, for example, the Dubai International Airport terminal is a major undertaking. For a project of this magnitude and complexity, a considerable number of professionals are involved from disciplines such as structural engineering, hydraulics, thermal and condensation control, and acoustics.

Also, roof system designers have to consider the quality of labor and likely expertise of construction personnel in remote locations. As a result of the involvement of so many trades, it is of utmost importance all involved understand roof system design concepts.

A checklist

All personnel involved with a roof system's design no doubt will have checklists that cover a wide range of considerations from which recommendations are made and details developed. A checklist takes a considerable amount of time and experience to develop and generally is based on an individual's experience.