Beyond performance

Adding color to a roof system boosts curb appeal

In the roofing world, performance matters. From measuring wind resistance to comparing warranties, successful roofing contractors help homeowners understand how a roof system's performance protects a home from the elements, optimizes ventilation and improves energy performance.

But amid the conversation about roof system performance, how do the "softer elements" of a roof—specifically shingle color—influence homeowners' roof system replacement decisions? Who in the home is the influencer when it comes to selecting design materials such as shingle color? Does a color-coordinated exterior add value in the eyes of real estate agents? What tools and techniques do contractors use to help homeowners think beyond shades of gray to choose the right shingle that not only will protect their homes but also improve their homes' curb appeal? Such questions prompted Owens Corning,® Toledo, Ohio, to commission research.

Trigger points and influencers

In 2016, Owens Corning commissioned a third party to conduct research regarding how homeowners make roofing decisions. The company sought to gain insight into the personal preferences and concerns that influence homeowners' buying behaviors when it comes to their roofs. Conversations with roofing contractors provided perspective regarding how roofing companies are helping customers confidently make roofing decisions.