Building a grassroots advocacy force

NRCA encourages all members to participate in its ongoing advocacy efforts

What is grassroots advocacy? It can be defined as an organization's membership directly reaching out to its respective elected officials in support of or in opposition to a policy. NRCA's grassroots team is made up of roofing professionals from throughout the U.S. who come together in support of common industry interests. Unlike traditional lobbying, grassroots advocacy comes directly from the constituents represented by elected officials. By combining traditional lobbying with grassroots advocacy, NRCA's political presence becomes stronger, and the roofing industry's influence becomes more significant in Washington, D.C.

In January 2017, NRCA launched a robust grassroots advocacy plan, and during the past year and a half, roofing professionals have responded. The grassroots advocacy plan was built around two key elements: online advocacy and face-to-face member engagement with elected officials. It is crucial roofing professionals continue to make their voices heard, amplifying the issues affecting their companies and their industry.

NRCA Grassroots Advocacy Network

The NRCA Grassroots Advocacy Network,, is an online portal designed to encourage members' engagement with their elected officials. The platform complements other tools NRCA's government advocacy team uses, including ROOFPAC and traditional advocacy on Capitol Hill.