Capitol Hill

Beyond repeal

In 2010, Republicans campaigned on a pledge to repeal the health care law enacted by a Democratic Congress and widely considered to be President Obama's primary legislative accomplishment. On Jan. 19, the new Republican majority in the House followed through on its promise by passing H.R. 2, Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act, to fully repeal the law on a vote of 245-189.

NRCA opposed the health care law in 2010 and supports its repeal. A majority of NRCA members believe the law is fatally flawed because it fails to control rapidly rising health care costs and the numerous taxes, mandates and regulations it imposes on employers threaten economic growth.

On Feb. 2, the House vote to repeal the law failed to pass the Senate at 47-51. However, the repeal vote is only the beginning of the health care debate in the 112th Congress.

The strategy