Capitol Hill

A new way to connect

Five months ago, under direction of NRCA's Government Relations Committee, NRCA's Washington, D.C., staff set out to build a grassroots tool that would be efficient and effective. And in January, NRCA launched the NRCA Grassroots Advocacy Network,

Why advocate?

When discussing NRCA's priorities on Capitol Hill, NRCA staff members are told congressmen and congresswomen want to hear directly from their constituents. The NRCA Grassroots Advocacy Network makes it possible for you to easily engage your elected officials. The new website is a great addition to NRCA's already strong repertoire of tools, including the support of candidates through ROOFPAC, participation in coalitions, traditional advocacy on Capitol Hill and outreach to federal agencies. This grassroots component of our strategic vision will make NRCA's presence stronger with your participation.

NRCA will assist members with building relationships and communicating with their elected officials. The easiest way you can get involved and make a difference is by using the tools available through the NRCA Grassroots Advocacy Network.