Capitol Hill

Rolling back regulations
Congress recently repealed two regulations that would have overburdened the roofing industry

This spring, NRCA helped achieve the repeal of problematic federal regulations in its ongoing efforts to reduce regulatory burdens on roofing contractors.

In late 2016, the Obama administration issued two regulations NRCA had strongly opposed. Given the timing of their promulgation at the end of the Obama administration, the regulations were subject to review under the Congressional Review Act (CRA), a seldom-used law that gives Congress the authority to disapprove and ultimately nullify recently issued federal regulations.

Under the CRA, Congress can repeal any major regulation if, within 60 legislative days of issuance, the House and Senate approve a joint resolution of disapproval of the regulation and the president signs the resolution into law. Importantly, such resolutions need only a simple majority to pass the Senate (unlike most legislation that requires 60 votes under Senate rules). Because Republicans now hold 52 seats in the Senate, CRA resolutions can be approved without bipartisan support.

With Republicans now in control of Congress and the White House, NRCA and allied groups swung into action to repeal two regulations that would be burdensome to roofing contractors and many other businesses.