Capitol Hill

Election update

A frustrating feature of this Congress is legislation vital to the roofing industry getting stuck in the Senate. Clearly, more pro-business senators must be elected in 2004 to move asbestos-litigation reform and energy legislation, to name just two bills, out of the Senate. NRCA's political action committee, ROOFPAC, has been active in key Senate races that could transform the Senate into a more business-friendly chamber. One of those races is taking place in South Dakota.

Team Thune

Former Congressman John Thune (R) once again is running for the U.S. Senate in South Dakota. Thune ran in 2002 against incumbent Sen. Tim Johnson (D) and lost by only 524 votes. He now is challenging Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D) in what could be the second most high-profile race in the United States behind that for the White House.

ROOFPAC supported Thune in 2002 and is supporting him in his race against Daschle. Thune has a better record on issues of importance to the business community than Daschle, and independent polling in South Dakota indicates the race will be close.