Capitol Hill

Working on the workforce

To help members address their workforce development challenges, NRCA has been working with lawmakers in Congress to improve federal policy governing career and technical education (CTE). In June, significant progress was made when new legislation to reform CTE programs was introduced in the House of Representatives.

NRCA believes more effective CTE programs (also known as vocational education) are vital to the roofing industry's long-term prosperity. In recent years, it has become increasingly difficult for roofing contractors to find applicants to fill job openings despite vigorous efforts to recruit workers. NRCA expects this problem will become more acute as the construction economy continues to grow. The shortage of qualified workers is caused by a variety of factors, including an aging workforce, educational trends that encourage greater numbers of students to pursue four-year college degrees and the physically demanding nature of roofing work.


NRCA has made it clear to Congress CTE programs must be improved and expanded to help meet the growing need for skilled applicants to fill well-paying roofing industry jobs. Roofing contracting companies provide great opportunities for those seeking fulfilling careers if they have the proper skills and work ethic.