Certified expertise

NRCA is elevating the the roofing industry's workforce

The roofing industry—similar to other trades—is desperately in need of skilled workers. To address this issue, NRCA is launching a national worker certification initiative, the ProCertification program, later this year.

Trainers and assessors are crucial to developing skilled workers and accurately and fairly assessing workers' skills to certify their performances in specific roof, waterproofing and rooftop solar system disciplines. Training, assessing and professional certifications reinforce an organization's role as a leader in promoting competence, and NRCA is developing these to elevate the roofing industry's workforce.


One factor contributing to the skilled workforce shortage is high schools are required to focus on theory rather than applied skills to maintain their funding and accreditation. One fallout from this has been the elimination of shop classes. According to Tara Tiger Brown, a program development educator, in a Forbes May 30, 2012, article, "The death of shop class and America's skilled workforce": "… [T]he skilled trades are undervalued in … the American educational system. But, the funny thing is that there is one place where they are actually not undervalued at all, and that is in the marketplace, which has seen a greater and greater demand for the skilled craftsman … the skilled tradesman has a choice of jobs, needs answer to no one, and earns a living wage, perks that are not to be scoffed at in this economic environment."