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The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress selects Alan Baird as the Best of the Best

Terry always was outside waiting for patrons at a local 7-Eleven. He would smile and open the door for everybody. He lived on the streets, but he never asked for money. One time when he opened the door for Alan Baird, lead foreman at Core Contractors Inc., Denver, he asked Baird for a cup of coffee.

"I told him, 'C'mon, in! Buy whatever you want. It's on me!'" Baird says. "But Terry never got greedy. He would get a cup of coffee and maybe a pack of donuts, and that was it. He always had a positive attitude."

One night when the weather forecast called for bitterly cold temperatures, Baird thought about Terry standing outside in the cold. He went to the store and bought a tent and asked friends and family on social media to donate supplies to build Terry a survival bag. In addition to donated items, Baird asked everyone who donated an item to write a letter explaining who they are and what they donated.

"That way, in addition to supplies, Terry had something to lift his spirits," Baird explains.