Clear as glass

Reflective roof systems offer obvious energy savings

Editor's note: The opinions in this article are those of the author and not NRCA.

The experts can argue all they want, but if your client's building is located in the southern half of the U.S., you don't need an energy calculator to determine a reflective roof system almost always will save the property owner money. And as a contractor, it's generally not costing you more money to install one.

Still, there's more at work here. According to André Desjarlais, program manager of the Building Envelopes Research program at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn., the types of roof systems being installed are changing.

"There has been a major shift in the types of roof systems being applied today compared with 10 years ago, and the change truly has been astounding," he says. "However, the trend toward higher insulation values in the codes also may change the way we look at cool roofing's energy savings."