Constructed in 1875, the Thomas Point Shoal Lighthouse in Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis, Md., is a National Historic Landmark. Located 5 miles offshore, the structure requires ongoing maintenance to repair damage from severe weather, saltwater and constant bird droppings.

During the summer of 2015, All-Type Roofing, Lancaster, Pa., donated labor and materials required to restore the lighthouse's roof system. The company held a company-wide staff event where workers from the field and office volunteered to travel 45 minutes via boat and work 11-hour days to help pressure-wash the existing metal roof. Saltwater was pumped directly from the bay as part of the initial cleaning process.

Surfaces then were lightly scrubbed with soft-bristle brushes to remove embedded dirt. A second pressure-wash was conducted with freshwater transported from the mainland to provide a clean application surface. Volunteers then applied a custom-colored red elastomeric roof coating donated by Acrymax Technologies Inc., Media, Pa., to the cupola, walkway, dormers and main roof.