During the summer of 2008, Silktown Roofing Inc., Derby, Conn., took on a difficult project: reroofing Naugatuck High School in Naugatuck, Conn., with a Solar Integrated Technologies building-integrated photovoltaic system and Sika Sarnafil G410 EnergySmart Roof® membrane. The completed 189,600-square-foot roof system is expected to generate 385 kilowatt-hours and makes Naugatuck High School one of Connecticut's largest solar facilities.

The company faced various challenges during the project, including 24 different roof areas, many with different deck types—such as metal, gypsum and concrete—and elevations; an existing EPDM roof system covering an older built-up roof (BUR) system, which contained asbestos materials; and a strict deadline because work had to be performed while faculty and students were on summer vacation.

Silktown Roofing removed a layer of EPDM and insulation, abated the asbestos-containing BUR layer and installed the Sika Sarnafil G410 EnergySmart Roof membrane. Groups of 12 thin, lightweight, flexible solar modules were laminated onto sections of the membrane to form 10- by 40-foot flexible solar roof panels, which were hot-air welded to the installed membrane and wired to the building's electrical system.

The company also faced the challenge of laying out and installing the solar panels' electrical conduits in the insulation.