Coating opportunities

Roof coatings offer environmental benefits

Consider these frequently used terms: sustainability, carbon dioxide emissions, greenhouse gases, carbon footprints, cool roofing, climate change, Title 24 and energy rebates, to name a few. Each of these connote a necessary change in our political, environmental and economic thinking, and they all can affect building envelopes—especially roof systems.

The recent confluence of these political, environmental and energy-related issues has afforded many opportunities for reflective roof coatings. (Reflective roof coatings have solar reflectances greater than 0.70 and thermal emittances greater than 0.75, according to ASHRAE 90.1, "Energy Efficient Design of New Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings.") Being aware of these opportunities may allow you to generate new business for your company.

A few definitions

Although the terms "sustainable," "cool" and "green" are being used more frequently in the construction industry, defining these terms can be confusing.