Collaborating with consultants

Working with roof consultants can be beneficial, but there are some issues to address

During the 2013 International Roofing Expo,® I moderated an NRCA panel that explored the relationships between roofing contractors and roof consultants. Although such a topic cannot be fully addressed in 90 minutes, the panel, which included an experienced roofing contractor and roof consultant, raised many interesting issues, some of which follow.

Consultant qualifications

During the panel discussion, a roofing contractor in the audience inquired why there seems to be a wide range of competency and roofing experience among the roof consultants with whom he works. There are many reasons why this seems to be the case.

Roof consultants generally are not required to be licensed by the state or jurisdiction where they practice and can have a wide range of backgrounds. Unlike a professional engineer or architect, a roof consultant does not have the authority to provide a professional stamp for construction documents or permits.