Come together

The Alliance unites the roofing industry through education, training, research, sustainability and philanthropy

The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress is a diverse organization comprising thoughtful and dedicated roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, service providers and industry professionals. Collectively, Alliance members have committed more than $13 million to preserve and enhance the U.S. roofing industry. And members not only contribute financially; they also volunteer their time, talents and passion.

Since forming in 1996, the Alliance has allocated more than $5 million to 45 projects that have positively affected the trade, and the organization continues its efforts to help advance the roofing industry through new and ongoing initiatives.

Origin and purpose

In 1996, the board of trustees of NRCA's educational foundation, the National Roofing Foundation, took a bold step to establish The Roofing Industry Alliance for Progress—the first organization to bring all segments of the roofing industry together to focus on education, training, technical research, sustainability and philanthropy. More than 20 years later, the Alliance boasts a track record of improved standards, employee engagement and community giving.