Coming to the forefront

Self-adhering polymer-modified bitumen materials are an emerging technology

Polymer-modified asphalt bitumen roof systems have been installed in the U.S. for more than three decades and matured into reliable, popular low-slope roof systems. These systems have evolved from two types of polymer-modified asphalts: APP polymers that give the material a "plasticized" characteristic and SBS polymers that give the material a "rubberized" quality. Manufacturers have developed hot-applied, cold-applied, torch-applied and even hot-air welded polymer-modified bitumen roof systems.

Following is information about an emerging fully adhered modified bitumen system technology—self-adhered modified bitumen.


Self-adhering polymer-modified bitumen roof systems do not require liquid or viscous materials to activate adhesive properties and attach to a surface; the adhesive properties improve as the ambient temperature rises. However, several manufacturers' published guidelines also state maximum allowable temperature limits regarding installation.