Committed to NRCA

Allen Lancaster is NRCA's new president

Ask Allen Lancaster, president of Metalcrafts Inc., Savannah, Ga., what his three greatest passions are, and his answer is simple: "My family, my faith and my work. And the order depends on what day it is."

Allen speaks animatedly about his wife, Donnie, their four children and four grandchildren. He also speaks with great enthusiasm about his faith, Catholicism, to which he converted after marrying Donnie, who was raised Catholic.

But what's really striking is how dominant roofing is in his life—and not just in the conventional ways you might expect. Given that roofing is in Allen's blood—his father and three uncles worked in the roofing and metal fabricating industries—and that Allen took over as Metalcrafts' president after his father retired in 1997, it makes sense roofing would be well-integrated into his life. And Allen has been heavily involved with NRCA since 1994, serving on its board of directors, Executive Committee and just about every other NRCA committee.

But it's in the smaller things: Walk into the Lancaster home in Richmond Hill, Ga., a small community about 20 miles south of Savannah, and you might notice the slate floor throughout most of the house. It is the same slate Metalcrafts installed on The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist Catholic Church in downtown Savannah, one of the South's largest church buildings; Allen and Donnie used leftover slate from the project to floor their home when it was built. There also is a standing-seam copper roof installed above the bookcase and fireplace in the Lancasters' great room.