Communication is key

Timely notification and communication are essential when working with rooftop observers

In February, the National Roofing Legal Resource Center issued a bulletin proposing contract provision language addressing working with roof consultants and observers. The bulletin stresses the importance of properly notifying roofing contractors when observers will be engaged and timely communication between observers and roofing contractors.

NRLRC bulletin

When pricing and negotiating a contract, most roofing contractors want to know whether there will be a full- or part-time observer monitoring the project. The presence of an observer may affect the contractor's production (for example, the foreman will spend time interacting with the observer) and, therefore, price.

Also, once an observer is retained, the roofing contractor needs to be promptly advised of any alleged deficiencies or concerns the observer may have so the situation can immediately be addressed. The roofing contractor is entitled to receive the observer's daily reports as they are issued.