Constructive disruption

Sometimes, it seems the only thing we can count on is change. It's a part of our lives, and we see it everywhere. Some people complain change happens too slowly. Others struggle to address how quickly change occurs in our businesses or families. But in the end, we often come away from change surprised at how much better we are for it. No one wants change forced upon them, but most people relish the opportunity to be part of constructive change.

I use the word constructive deliberately. Change requires disruption, which can be constructive or destructive. The good thing is we get to choose how to change ourselves and the environment in which we work.

Organizations change, too, and NRCA is in a period of constructive disruption. We are looking at virtually everything we do. We study data. We ask questions. We look at history. We make decisions based on our discoveries, and we move forward. We disrupt the status quo and are determined to do so in a constructive manner. There are two specific areas of disruptive change I want to stress here.

The first is the need we see for a trained, and more important, certified workforce. It's long past due for the industry to rally behind the idea of certifying the workers we have trained. Certification communicates accomplishment and offers assurances to consumers. Maybe most important, certification authenticates and demonstrates value to our workforce in a different way. It's important and timely, and we continue working on developing and delivering this change to the roofing industry, taking the time to do it right. And NRCA's Executive Committee is properly funding the program to ensure its success.