Controlling rooftop grease

Editor's note: The following information reflects the author's opinions, not necessarily those of NRCA or Professional Roofing.

Issues concerning rooftop contaminants are being examined closely these days by some state and federal agencies, roofing materials manufacturers and building owners because of the ongoing problems and hazards certain contaminants can create. These contaminants include animal fats, oil and grease, which can cause premature roof system damage and raise questions about warranty coverage.

According to Pat McGrady, vice president of technical and warranty services for Carlisle SynTec Inc., Carlisle, Pa., "An integral part of any building owner's decision-making process when selecting a commercial roof system should be warranty coverage. One of many factors having potential to [affect] warranty coverage is rooftop contaminants. Fats, oils and grease are among those contaminants frequently coming in contact with roofing materials."

Most large roofing materials manufacturers seem to agree with McGrady, as well as the fact that rooftop contaminants are recognized as a growing problem in the roofing industry. Whether you are a roofing contractor, roof consultant, architect, roof system designer or building owner, you need to be aware of the serious problems rooftop contamination is causing and the effects it is having on the environment and roofing industry.