Cool roof coatings: green and growing

Coatings gain popularity in a sustainability-conscious time

The phrase "green and growing" appropriately describes a segment of the roofing industry that is demonstrating growth and opportunity during challenging economic times: cool roof coatings.

This is partly because there is a continuing emphasis on all things "green," or sustainable. For example, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu recently spoke about the energy-saving benefits of white reflective roof coatings, and in late September, former Vice President Al Gore helped apply white reflective roof coating to a roof in New York and spoke about such coatings' heat island mitigation benefits.

Reflective roof coatings are considered sustainable because they help extend the service lives of existing roof substrates, provide energy savings for buildings and positively affect the environment in various ways.

In addition, building owners, government leaders and consumers are searching for ways to demonstrate they are environmentally conscious by saving energy and reducing their carbon footprints. The exposure and excitement surrounding cool roof coatings' sustainability benefits present an opportunity for roofing contractors to expand their businesses, meet the needs of sustainability-conscious consumers and perhaps improve their companies' revenues in the process.